Welcome to the AED/CPR webpage.

Our parish has a small group of people who come together 4-5 times a year to maintain their skills and knowledge base of CPR and AED practices. All members have been certified by the American Heart Association for CPR and AED. Our membership consists of both nurses and laypersons.

One of our members is a certified instructor and provides the required re-certification as needed. It is NOT necessary however, to be certified in CPR and AED to join our group. We can teach you and familiarize you with our equipment and procedures. Practice is important and that is the goal of our group.

We also see to it that the equipment and supplies are maintained. We are able to do this with the financial support of the Knights of Columbus.


  • AED machine, Medtronic Lifepak 500: entry to church from Sacristy/Parish Center, hangs from the wooden pegs on the wall.

  • Emergency equipment bag in same location (this red bag contains supplies to be used when administering CPR and using the AED machine).

  • Land line portable phone in same location, behind door. *Must dial 9 for an outside line before desired number. Example: 9-911.

  • First Aid kits: Rectory classrooms, Sacristy, both kitchens, usher's closet. These kits contain basic first aid supplies: ice packs, band aids, bandages, tape, etc.

AED/CPR Practices

  • Practices are open to all. They are held 4-5 times per year on a Monday night, 7-8 PM. Please check the parish calendar on the website and also the bulletins for specific dates.

  • We have a "trainer" AED machine and a resuscitation Annie. This enables us to actually practice the skills of CPR and setting up of the AED machine.

  • We discuss current trends and guidelines governing CPR in the community issued by the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross. We seek answers to questions we have regarding the practices of CPR and AED. We support each other through the varied knowledge and experience of our members.